Buying Guide

What are the four things all consumers need to do to get the B.E.S.T. start before buying the perfect diamond?

Budget – Figure out what you have to spend, and stick to it. Once month’s salary is a good guideline.

Expectations - Listen to her. Try to understand her expectations (her needs and wants) so you will have a feel for what to pick out.

Savvy – Become Savvy! Know what any given diamond should cost and what the best qualities are to wear. Knowledge is power. You will never win the race without training.

Timetable – Figure out when you want to give it to her and do not rush. Haste makes waste. Give yourself enough time to study up, shop around, and plan for perfect proposal

Source taken from: Fred Cuellar, How to Buy a Diamond 5th Edition,
Sourcebooks Casablanca.

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